Jansen supplies 50th biomass boiler upgrade in 10 years

This past spring, Jansen Combustion and Boiler Technologies Inc. supplied its 50th upgrade in 10 years in the combustion system of an existing biomass-fired boiler. This unit, in a forest products plant in Tennessee, burns wood fuel and pulverized coal and has a maximum steaming capacity of 550,000 pounds per hour. The Jansen upgrade included a new overfire air (OFA) delivery system and new fuel spouts. The rising cost of fossil fuels, stricter regulatory emissions performance requirements, and a general desire to increase power generation from green, renewable resources have been the driving forces behind these projects. Jansen has designed/supplied OFA system upgrades for units by a variety of original manufacturers, such as Babcock & Wilcox, Combustion Engineering, Foster Wheeler, Erie City, Riley Stoker, Zurn, Kipper and Union Iron Works, with original installation dates ranging from the mid-1950s to early-1990s.