Bioenergy leaders honored at Bioenergy Engineering 2009

Four individuals and one corporation were honored at Bioenergy Engineering 2009, an international conference held in Bellevue, Wash. John Ferrell was presented the Federal Agency Bioenergy Pioneer Award for his contributions toward development and administration in promoting bioenergy in the U.S. The Private Enterprise Bioenergy Pioneer Award was given to Phillip C. Badger of General*Bioenergy Inc., in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to the development of innovative technologies and commercialization efforts for bioenergy. The Public Service Bioenergy Pioneer Award was given to Ralph P. Cavalieri, associate dean for research and director of the Agricultural Research Center at Washington State University, in recognition of his extraordinary contributions to administration and engineering education in promoting the development and use of bioenergy. Bryan M. Jenkins, professor of biological and agricultural engineering at the University of California-Davis, received the Academic Bioenergy Pioneer Award for his research and teaching in the area of biomass feedstock logistics and thermochemical conversion, including combustion, gasification, and pyrolysis for fuels and power, and high-temperature phenomena of associated inorganic constituents. The Bioenergy Company of the Year Award was given to Abengoa Bioenergy Group in recognition of its commitment to produce biofuels in a manner that is energy and environmentally sustainable, technically efficient and economically profitable.

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