Envirotek partners with GFE Global

Envirotek recently announced that the company's Extreme Biodiesel division entered into a strategic alliance agreement with GFE Global, an alternative fuel supply equipment and feedstock company. Extreme Biodiesel, an Envirotek majority-owned company, produces biodiesel and manufactures portable production units, called Extreme Extractors, at the company's Corona, Calif., refinery. The company announced formation of a strategic alliance with GFE Global, which provides alternative fuel refiners with its extruder equipment for extraction of oil from various feedstocks. GFE, which owns a 1,000-hectare (2,471-acre) jatropha plantation in Costa Rica, is currently providing Envirotek's Extreme Biodiesel division with samples of the Costa Rica grown and extruded jatropha oil for the production of biodiesel at its methyl ester refinery in Corona.

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