Introducing Pellet Mill Magazine

By Rona Johnson | April 28, 2011

I hope you enjoy reading this inaugural issue of Pellet Mill Magazine as much as we enjoyed conducting the research, interviewing people in the industry and writing articles for it.

One industry topic that the editors tried to hit hard in this first issue was supply and demand, here and overseas and how it impacts the pellet mills that supply the residential markets and those that cater to the industrial users. Although industrial and residential pellet mills don’t compete for customers, they do compete for feedstocks, so it was important that we include both segments of the industry in our coverage.

We also wanted to provide some insight into the biomass power industry in the U.K. and get a handle on how it might impact pellet production in North America. We worked with a freelance journalist from the U.K. to write the feature because it’s such an important issue right now and we thought it was imperative that it be written by someone who is actually in the country (see “Burgeoning Biomass Importer” on page 42). We plan to do more stories on the U.K. and on Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands as they are the largest importers of pellets from North America. We also worked with a freelance writer in Brazil to produce an article about the potential for the production and marketing of sugarcane bagasse pellets (see “Sugarcane bagasse pellets in Brazil” on page 18).

The magazine would not be complete without a feature on alternative feedstocks, and in this issue we included one on the production of pellets using cattails (see “An Unconventional Pellet Feedstock” on page 36). Although wood is currently the favored feedstock, other forms of biomass will become more important as the industry grows.

We also enlisted the help of experts in the industry who will be writing regular columns for the magazine, including John Crouch with the Pellet Fuels Institute, Chris Wiberg of Twin Ports Testing and Bill Bell of the Maine Pellet Fuels Association. Gordon Murray, executive director of the Wood Pellet Association of Canada, will share his insights in a column in the fall issue of Pellet Mill Magazine.
Although we tried to hit as many areas of interest as we could, this is a complex industry and there are probably some issues that we have missed. But that’s OK because this is a biannual publication and we’ll be publishing another one in October. So if you have any story ideas for our editors or would like to write a contribution, please feel free to contact me at