Bioactive solution increases biogas production in AD

By Lisa Gibson | October 19, 2011

The digester at a vegetable company in Lavigny, Switzerland, has shown an increase in biogas production of about 30 percent in the past six months, with the use of a bioactive solution. It also increased the annual load potential by 50 percent.

Citadel BioCat+ is produced through fermentation of natural plant material including marine organisms developed through years of experimental field trials, according to Citadel. The cocktail is composed of micro-organisms, micro-nutrients, co-factors and phages, which are viruses that infect bacteria.

“Our technology is based on the Microorganisms Crenarchaeota and not bacteria or enzymes,” said Ray Long, managing director for Britain-based Citadel.

The product enhances the performance of indigenous micro-organisms, elevating their metabolism through the fermentation products, micro-nutrients and cofactors, according to Citadel. The increased metabolism leads to faster waste breakdown and reduced biological sludge production.

Another BioCat+ trial on anaerobic digesters is ongoing in the U.K., also showing increased biogas production, according to the company.

“No single component of the BioCat+ can be isolated as being the active factor, rather it is a synergy between various components as well as components of the biosphere it is applied to,” according to Citadel.

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