Reframing the Climate Debate

New documentary targets solutions-oriented approach
By Erin Voegele | December 02, 2010

The film titled “Cool It” is based on the writings and lectures of economist Bjorn Lomborg. Rather than portraying doomsday predictions of the world’s environmental future, the documentary showcases green scientific solutions being developed today to solve current and future environmental problems.
The documentary showcases a wide variety of green technologies, including solar, wind and wave power, fuel cells and algae biofuels, being developed by some of the world’s leading scientific minds. Regarding algae, the film specifically highlights NASA’s biobased jet fuel initiative.

 According to the film, algae biofuels show real potential in creating a replacement for liquid fuels, with the added benefit of leveraging existing fossil fuel infrastructure. In fact, a NASA researcher appearing in the film notes that approximately 10.5 million acres of algae cultivation would be enough to offset the use of petroleum-based jet fuel. While 10.5 million acres sounds like a lot of space, it is roughly equal to a 125-mile by 125-mile square of land—making it a completely feasible solution.

The overarching message of the film is that we as a global community should not focus on fear and the world’s demise, when it comes to the environment. Rather, the focus should be on renewable energy development, cutting-edge technologies and adaption measures that will have a positive impact the future. “Cool It” was released nationwide Nov. 12. Additional information on the film is available at 

—Erin Voegele