’s Top 10 Clean Energy Law Firms

Clean technology firms with strong energy practices
| August 22, 2011

Law students looking to enter the clean technology sector now have a list of the top clean technology law firms in the U.S. Ratings and rankings service has released a top 10 list of the best clean technology and renewable energy law firms that, according to Brian Dalton, director of research and consulting at, will allow current law students looking for employment “an instant overview of the firms ranked highest by clean tech practitioners.” To complete the rankings, Dalton says associates were able to vote for up to three firms in their own practice area, but were not permitted to vote for their own firm. “Self-identified corporate associates were allowed to vote only in the corporate-related categories,” he says. “Litigators were allowed to vote in the litigation categories and so on.”

The benefit of the list, Dalton says, is linked to the job seeker’s understanding of not only what each law firm specializes in, but what it might take to get a job at each firm. “The more an applicant knows about the inner workings of a law firm before he or she even applies there, the better they will do in the resume process and the following interview steps. It allows the candidates to narrow their search and then research the firms in that practice area and discover what it takes to get hired there, find out more about the firm’s culture and compensation.”

—Luke Geiver