Algae.Tec signs deal with Sri Lanka cement company

By Ron Kotrba | December 01, 2011

Algae systems provider Algae.Tec Ltd. has signed a collaboration contract to build its first algae biofuels production facility in Asia.

The facility will be built in Sri Lanka in conjunction with cement and building materials company Holcim Lanka Ltd.

Algae.Tec stated that Holcim Lanka was attracted to its systems as a way of reducing its carbon footprint through channelling waste CO2 into the algae growth system and generating biofuel at below market cost.

The facility will initially include a production plant of five of photobioreactor modules. Holcim will then evaluate incorporating such a system at a much larger facility. Algae.Tec stated that it expects the technology could be rolled out at other sites.

The PBR modules are assembled at the Australian company’s U.S. manufacturing plant, the Algae Development & Manufacturing Centre, in Atlanta.





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