Patriot Energy Services to purchase Maine biomass power plant

By Erin Voegele | July 03, 2012

New York-based Patriot Energy Services LLC recently announced it has signed a contract to purchase the Greenville Steam Power Plant in Greenville, Maine. Patriot Energy Services said in a statement that the 19 MW biomass power plant has been shuttered for nearly a year, but is in good shape and was stored appropriately for restart. The company plans to rename the facility “Shannon,” and complete restart by mid-August.

According to Patriot Energy Services, a $7 million retrofit was completed on the plant in 2006 to meet current green energy standards and U.S. EPA regulations. The company also said that the “plant was closed last year due to unknown reasons.” Patriot Energy Services CEO Steven Johnson also noted that he indents to bring back more than 22 former employees.

Information provided by the company also stated that some infrastructure improvements are planned. For example, Patriot Energy Services intends to use 99 acres of plant property to develop commercial greenhouse that would be heated by excess steam produced at the plant.

While a representative of Patriot Energy Services could not be reached for further comment on the project, documentation filed with Maine’s Department of Environmental Protection in September 2009 shows that past retrofits of the plant included the addition of a bubbling fluidized bed and a selective non-catalytic reduction (SNCR) to enhance nitrous oxide reduction. The documentation also noted that the upgraded plant boiler was licensed to fire a variety of fuels, including biomass (wood waste, whole tree chips and other wood byproducts, No. 2 fuel oil, specification waste oil, vehicle carpet waste, knots/screens, mixed laminate, coffee grounds, and construction and demolition wood.

Patriot Energy Services’ website states that the company has been working in the waste management and recycling industries since the early 1990s, and has worked with grease, oil, construction and demolition materials, municipal waste, natural wood waste and railroad wastes. The company has supplies these biobased and alternative fuels to customers.

In the statement announcing the proposed purchase of the Greenville Steam Power Plant, Johnson said that although his company is a supplier of biobased fuels, local suppliers are already in place for plant in Maine, and he plans to honor existing contracts for fuel as part of the purchase agreement to help the local economy. The released also noted that Patriot Energy Services will use its own financial resources to fund restart of the plant.

“Maine is a very green-energy friendly state and has many benefits for all concerned,” Johnson said. “The plant has proven to be very profitable in the past and without the debt service of past financial obligation this will be very profitable again.”