Navy’s Great Green Fleet exhibits advanced biofuels

By Staff | August 29, 2012

Advanced biofuels were an integral component of the U.S. Navy’s Rim of the Pacific training exercises in July. As part of a two-day demonstration, the Great Green Fleet successfully demonstrated the use of 50/50 blends of advanced biofuels via both air and sea platforms.

Louisiana-based Dynamic Fuels LLC and California-based Solazyme Inc. provided algae-based fuel for the demonstration. “One point I want to make is that absolutely no modifications were required or made of any of the engines that were burning biofuels,” said Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus.

The Navy has been criticized over the high cost of the biofuel used in the demonstration, which cost approximately $26 per gallon. “If we only looked at cost, we still wouldn’t be buying nuclear subs,” Mabus said. He has also stressed that the cost of advanced biofuels will come down in the future.