BioNitrogen moves forward with plans for biobased urea plant

By Staff | October 08, 2012

BioNitrogen Corp. has signed a three-year, non-exclusive agreement with PRM Energy Systems Inc. for the construction of gasification units for its proposed biobased urea plants. The company also recently signed an agreement to purchase biomass from a 40-acre parcel of land in Hardee County, Fla., where it plans to build its first commercial facility. In addition, BioNitrogen has committed to sell the urea fertilizer produced at its initial plant to United Suppliers.

Once complete, the plant will produce 124,000 tons per year of urea via a biomass gasification process. Traditional urea plants take in natural gas as feedstock. BioNitrogen’s process, however, utilizes biobased syngas.

The company plans to use locally-sourced biomass for each of its future plants. The initial plant in Florida will take in a mix of waste vegetation, tree clippings and waste orange trees. The process can also be optimized to take in sorted municipal solid waste, agricultural waste, energy crops and other types of vegetation.