E2 report projects increased advanced biofuel production

By Staff | October 30, 2012

A report published by Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) demonstrates that the biofuel industry is well-positioned to meet increased demand for advanced biofuels, which will be driven by the federal renewable fuel standard (RFS) and California’s low carbon fuel standard (LCFS).

The report, titled “Advanced Biofuel Market Report 2012,” projects that at least 27 new or retrofitted advanced biorefineries will come online by 2015 to meet demand created by the RFS and LCFS.

E2 includes two methods for measuring production growth in its report. The first generates a low-end estimate and is based on facilities that have substantive evidence of construction through associated financing, site selection, feedstock procurement, and other factors. The second method generates a high-end estimate that takes projections made by companies themselves and uses funding status, technology demonstration, partnerships and other factors to establish feasible numbers.