INEOS New Planet BioEnergy begins power production

By Staff | November 20, 2012

INEOS New Planet BioEnergy, a joint venture of INEOS Bio, has commenced production of renewable power that will be used to power the biorefinery in addition to supplying the grid. Once fully operational, the cellulosic ethanol plant is expected to have the capacity to produce 8 million gallons of fuel along with 6 MW of renewable power from renewable biomass feedstock. Initially, the facility will take in yard, vegetative and agricultural wastes. There are also plans to run municipal solid waste through the plant.

INEOS Bio’s BioEnergy technology enables the production of both fuel and power. The biomass feedstock goes through a gasification process to produce synthesis gas. The heat recovered from the hot syngas is fed into a steam turbine, creating electrical power. The syngas itself is processed into ethanol.


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  1. Laura



    the firm will seek other partners and exctpes to have a plant capable of making 100 million gallons annually by the end of 2010. The fuel would be mixed with gasoline to create E85, a blend of 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent gas."The California experience with E85 is highly instructive. E85 is highly corrosive requiring its own infrastructure as well as cars specifically designed to withstand its corrosive effects. Auto makers, and gas stations lost millions on E85 because consumers did not want to buy a fuel that is less efficient than gas (ie. you can't go as far on a gallon of ethanol as you can on a gallon of gas). Additionally, ethanol has to be trucked to its destination because it cannot be shipped by pipeline (not exactly carbon neutral). This article doesn't account for the cost to bring the product to market. There is not sufficient information provided to say whether ethanol from garbage will be any more economically viable than ethanol from corn whether used in 10% blend or as E85.


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