Report: Ag-based biogas has potential in Poland

By Anna Simet | February 20, 2013

Agricultural biogas plant project developer Bio Alians recently published a paper on the Polish ag biogas market, which indicates there is significant room for growth in the sector, compared to other biogas substrates.

Currently there are 30 ag-based biogas plants in Poland out of the country’s 196 biogas facilities, and 348 additional ag-based projects are in various stages of development, according to the “Biogas 2012” summary. These stages include 29 projects “under realization,” which are undergoing technological start-up, construction or in the course of selecting contractors; 118 “advanced projects,” which are facilities have obtained the decision about environmental constraints of the permission for carrying out the project; and 201 “planned projects,” for which the application for issuing a decision about environmental constraints was submitted.

The average installed electric capacity of ag biogas plants in Poland is about 1.1 MWe, with optimal electric capacity being 0.5 to 1.6 MWe. The report summary points out that while those project sizes are currently the most effective financially and logistically, this will likely change to the advantage of smaller plants after the Renewable Energy Sources Act takes effect, which will provide steady support to smaller facilities.

A main conclusion of the report is that potential for further development of landfill biogas or sewage sludge biogas plants are limited, so the future will likely bring greater increases in the number and installed capacity of ag-based biogas facilities.

Information on how to access the report in full can be found here