Dynamic Fuels earns RSB sustainability certification

By Chris Hanson | March 11, 2013

Dynamic Fuels LLC, a joint venture of Tyson Foods Inc. and Syntroleum Corp., has received Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels certification for its technology to create drop-in, renewable diesel from animal byproducts.

“We are very excited to complete the RSB certification that documents our dedication to producing fuel that is sustainable for both the environment and its people,” said Jeff Drake, director of operations for Tyson Renewable Energy, “We produce an exceptional fuel that has exceeded all of our customers’ expectations and Dynamic Fuels will continue to be the leading supplier of sustainable renewable fuels to the industry.”

To obtain RSB certification, companies complete an auditing process to demonstrate their efforts to sustainably protect natural ecosystems, food security, human rights to land, and water resources. Interested parties first submit a formal application to the RSB demonstrating support to the organization. After the application is approved by a steering board, a third-party audit is completed. The audit is a two-part process involving a preliminary desk audit and a field audit to inspect the facility. If the company passes the audit, it is issued a compliance certificate, and RSB issues the formal announcement.

Helena Kennedy, director of marketing and communications for RSB Services, said the three major reasons why U.S. producers are interested in becoming RSB certified is for differentiation, market access, and their commitment to sustainability.  Sustainable certification means producers are able to prove to their stakeholders that they are different from other operations and are taking greater strides to a more sustainable future. Additionally, certified producers will have access to RSB’s guidance and tools to assist with maintaining sustainability in a changing business environment. Kennedy added some industries prefer certified products, thus opening the door for future business opportunities.

RSB Services is a Switzerland-based nonprofit organization that assembles producers, industry experts, and others to ensure the sustainability of biofuel productions and processing.