SaniGreen Bioenergy planning $30 million biogas in Minn.

By Chris Hanson | June 03, 2013

SaniGreen Bioenergy is planning to construct a $30 million anaerobic digester in South Saint Paul, Minn., to produce biogas fuel.

An extension of Canada’s Sanimax and Wisconsin-based Green Energy Partners, SaniGreen’s facility will utilize 150,000 tons of solid and liquid organic waste each year from local schools, grocery stores, municipalities and food processing facilities to produce pipeline-quality biogas. The gas will also be used to fuel a 1.1 MW generator to power the facility, which will also produce organic fertilizer for local and regional businesses.

“The opportunity for numerous local partnerships that the SaniGreen facility will provide is encouraging and I am eager for continued discussions about what the facility will mean for the South Saint Paul area,” said Dan Ostrenga, director of organic solutions at Sanimax. “This is a sustainable business for South Saint Paul that is friendly to the environment and other local businesses.”

The project, which begins construction this fall, will be near an existing Sanimax rendering facility and an Xcel Energy electrical and natural gas distribution center. It is expected to be completed by March 2015.  In a later interview, Ostrenga said the location, from Sanimax’s perspective, paired well with its current facility, thus creating a “green campus” atmosphere and offered a sustainable solution to local industries interested in diverting waste from landfills.