BioAmber, Brenntag sign distribution partnership for the Americas

By BioAmber Inc. | June 04, 2013

BioAmber Inc. has partnered with Brenntag in the Americas for distribution of its Bio-SA biobased succinic acid and derivatives, including bio-based 1, 4-butanediol (BDO).

Brenntag is the leading distributor in the Americas, servicing the chemicals market with the broadest product portfolio in the industry and covering the full range of markets for BioAmber's renewable chemicals. Within these markets, Brenntag offers a complete line of industrial and specialty chemicals and a broad array of services. Its local focus and global presence provide BioAmber with access to customers and markets across the Americas, while extending Brenntag's product offerings to include BioAmber's portfolio of sustainable, bio-based solutions.

BioAmber is a leader in bio-based succinic acid and derivatives, including bio 1,4-butanediol, and is currently supplying commercial Bio-SA from a European production facility. Given growing market demand for its bio-based chemicals, BioAmber is going to expand capacity in 2014 in Sarnia, Canada with a 30,000 MT plant to serve the North American and other markets. Brenntag is an important partner for market access, logistics, technical expertise and application development, which will help accelerate the commercial development of BioAmber's Bio-SA and derivatives.

Made from renewable feedstock, Bio-SA has a more favorable carbon footprint (field to gate) than petroleum succinic acid and is one of the few bio-based chemicals currently available at a commercial scale. BioAmber Bio-SA can serve as a building block chemical for use in a range of applications including polyurethanes, unsaturated polyesters, coating resins, flavors, lubricants, plasticizers, deicers and solvents.

"Our partnership with BioAmber, the leader in bio-succinic acid and derivatives including 1,4-butanediol, gives Brenntag the opportunity to better serve our customer base in key markets including food, pharmaceuticals, ACES, personal care and HI&I,” said Michael DelliCompagni, director of sales and sourcing at Brenntag. “Being a platform chemical, BioAmber's bio-succinic acid offers a wide variety of applications in everyday products. There is also a tremendous amount of work being done around new applications across multiple markets. Many customers are looking for price stability and recognize the value of bio-based products. Bio-succinic acid and bio-based BDO will help Brenntag to fulfill our customers' needs."

"Brenntag is the global leader in chemical distribution, and we are confident that its broad market reach, technical expertise and logistic capabilities will accelerate our commercial success in the Americas. Brenntag's broad market access helps BioAmber to strengthen its leadership position in one of the fastest growing bio-chemical markets," said Babette Pettersen, chief commercial officer at BioAmber.