WBA advocates for biogas development

By Staff | July 22, 2013

The World Bioenergy Association has published a fact sheet discussing the current and potential biogas supply on a global basis for a variety of markets, including electricity, heat and transportation fuels.

The document emphasizes the great global potential for biogas, pointing to estimates that predict biogas could consist of approximately 6 percent of the world’s primary energy supply, or one-third of the current use of fossil-based gas.

The WBA is advocating for countries in both the developing and developed world to establish biogas development plans, with the target to utilize at least 30 percent of biogas potential by 2030.

The fact sheet outlines the cost of select biogas products, gauging investment at approximately €5,000 ($6,035) for a 150 KW installation. It also details the composition of biogas by component percentage and discusses biogas potential by country according to feedstock.