EPA finalizes 2013 RFS blending volume requirements

By Staff | October 07, 2013

The U.S. EPA has finalized the 2013 volume requirements for the renewable fuel standard (RFS), mandating that 16.55 billion gallons of renewable fuels are blended with the U.S. fuel supply this year. At this blend level, biofuels will make up 9.74 percent of U.S. transportation fuel.

The 2013 RFS requires 1.28 billion ethanol-equivalent gallons of biomass-based diesel, accounting for 1.13 percent of the fuel market. The requirement for advanced biofuels is 2.75 ethanol-equivalent gallons, or 1.62 percent of the transportation fuel volume. The cellulosic standard is 6 million ethanol equivalent gallons, which equates to 0.004 percent of transportation fuel. The remaining 12.514 billion gallons of fuel, on an ethanol equivalent basis, can be met by renewable biofuels.

The EPA also extended the 2013 compliance date to June 30, 2014 and announced it plans to reduce both the advanced biofuel and total renewable fuel volumes in the 2014 RFS rulemaking.