MPM Technologies signs MOU with WSU, Neos-SDI for biojet process

By MPM Technologies Inc. | January 02, 2014

MPM Technologies Inc. announced it has secured memorandums of understanding (MOU) from both Washington State University and Neos-SDI to assist in the research, development and deployment of its plasma-arc gasification technology—a waste-to-value solution that creates biobased fuels, including jet biofuel.

The MOU between MPM and WSU allows professors and research students access to MPM subsidiary Carbon Cycle Power's gasification technology and onsite laboratory. The relationship allows WSU to conduct research utilizing CCP's gasification technology and syngas-to-liquid-fuel pathway, and to write academic papers after sufficient data is collected. The two parties were introduced through mutual participation in the Innovate Washington Aviation Biofuels Workgroup and through their common efforts to support alternative fuel research and development.

MPM and Neos-SDI were introduced through the Washington State Governor's Trade Delegation at the 2013 Paris Air Show for the purpose of encouraging cooperation and development of clean and renewable energy-related technologies. Neos-SDI, one of the top 10 Microsoft Worldwide Partners, has interest in developing a proprietary software system based on Microsoft's platform that will control, track and report the processes of CCP's gasification technology.

These MOUs reinforce the commitment of MPM, and Carbon Cycle Investments (which purchased a controlling interest in MPM in April 2013), to accelerate the development and deployment of the CCP gasification technology as a viable and cost-effective solution in the creation of alternative fuel resources for the aviation industry and beyond.