Biobased Chemical

March 11, 2016

Lux Research: Southeast Asia promising hub for biobased chemicals

BY Lux Research Found In:ChemicalsDriven by large and widespread feedstocks and government incentives, Southeast Asia is positioned to be a hub for biobased materials and chemicals (BBMC), according to Lux Research. READ MORE

March 10, 2016

Amyris reports strong fourth quarter renewable product sales

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsAmyris Inc. has released fourth quarter financial results, reporting GAPP revenues of $9.8 million, down from $11.6 million during the same quarter of the prior year. Product sales reached $5.2 million during the fourth quarter. READ MORE

March 08, 2016

UT, Genera Energy harvest hybrid poplar stand

BY University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsA small stand of poplar trees harvested from a University of Tennessee AgResearch Center is set to help scientists progress further down the path toward low-cost, high-quality biomass and a bioeconomy. READ MORE

March 08, 2016

Optimizing biofuel production from algae using CO2 emissions

BY American Chemical Society Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsA research team reports in American Chemical Society’s journal Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research an optimized way of producing biofuel from algae that also removes CO2 emissions from the environment. READ MORE

March 07, 2016

Comet Biorefining awarded $10.9 million SDTC grant

BY Comet Biorefining Inc. Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsSustainable Development Technology Canada has awarded Comet Biorefining, Inc. a grant of CA$10.9 million ($8.2 million) for the construction of its first-of-a-kind advanced biobased chemicals plant in Sarnia, Ontario. READ MORE

March 03, 2016

Vilsack defends biofuels, bioenergy during House hearing

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsOn Feb. 24, the House Committee on Agriculture held a hearing on the state of the rural economy featuring testimony by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Biofuels and bioenergy were among the topics discussed during the nearly three-hour event. READ MORE

March 03, 2016

USDA highlights bioeconomy investments

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe USDA recently published a fact sheet highlighting its investments in rural America, including several related to sparking innovation in America’s bioeconomy to support the development of biomanufacturing and advanced biofuels. READ MORE

March 03, 2016

Japanese researchers improve biorefineries with bubbles

BY Tohoku University Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsA team of researchers from Japan's Tohoku University has developed a new method for the pretreatment of organic material, or biomass, which could lead to more efficient production of biofuels and biochemicals. READ MORE

March 02, 2016

DOE seeks pilot-scale capability for biofuels, biobased products

BY Sue Retka SchillFound In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsApplications are due March 4 to respond to a U.S. DOE request for information about public and private sector capabilities in pilot scale verification of biofuels and bioproducts processes. READ MORE

March 01, 2016

EPA: Chartered SAB to review biogenic framework

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe U.S. EPA has scheduled a public meeting of the chartered Science Advisory Board March 31-April 1. During the meeting, the SAB is expected to conduct a quality review of a draft report on the accounting framework for biogenic carbon emissions. READ MORE

March 01, 2016

New way to reduce plant lignin could lead to cheaper biofuels

BY Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsScientists from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory have shown for the first time that an enzyme can be tweaked to reduce lignin in plants. Their technique could help lower the cost of converting biomass into fuels. READ MORE

February 29, 2016

DOE schedules biomass committee meeting for March 8-9

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe U.S. Department of Energy has announced an open meeting of its Biomass Research and Development Technical Advisory Committee is scheduled for March 8-9 in Arlington, Virginia. READ MORE

February 26, 2016

Federal biomass board releases bioeconomy report

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe Biomass Research and Development Board, an interagency collaboration composed of senior decision-makers from federal agencies and the White House, recently published a report, titled “Federal Activities Report on the Bioeconomy.” READ MORE

February 26, 2016

Best regions for growing bioenergy crops identified

BY University of Illinois Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsResearchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign have identified regions in the United States where bioenergy crops would grow best while minimizing effects on water quantity and quality. READ MORE

February 24, 2016

Anellotech continues to build intellectual property portfolio

BY Anellotech Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsAnellotech recently announced it has been granted U.S. Patent No. 9,249,080 that describes a catalytic process for converting non-food biomass into a wide range of intermediates for the chemical industry. READ MORE

February 24, 2016

ANL: Genetic diversity can lead to more productive biofuel growth

BY Argonne National Laboratory Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsResearchers have mixed different genetic varieties of switchgrass on production-size plots, hypothesizing this could increase yield, produce a fuller crop and potentially reducing the crop's vulnerability to weather fluctuations. READ MORE

February 23, 2016

Researchers find bioenergy potential in fungi found in manure

BY Joint Genome Institute Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsNature’s figured it out already, how to best break down food into fuel. Now scientists have caught up, showing that fungi found in the guts of goats, horses and sheep could help fill up your gas tank too. READ MORE

February 22, 2016

GFBiochemicals acquires Segetis, enters US market

BY GFBiochemicals Found In:ChemicalsGFBiochemicals, an industrial-scale producer of biobased levulinic acid, has acquired the assets and intellectual property of Segetis, the main levulinic acid derivatives producer in the U.S. market. READ MORE

February 19, 2016

University of Kentucky algal research hitting the ground in China

BY University of Kentucky Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe Algae and Biofuels Laboratory at the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research is partnering with Lianhenghui Investment Company to construct a 5-acre algae production facility in Zhengzhou, China. READ MORE

February 19, 2016

ORNL: Titan probes depths of biofuel’s biggest barrier

BY Oak Ridge National Laboratory Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsTo better understand exactly how lignin persists, researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory created one of the largest biomolecular simulations to date, a 23.7-million atom system representing pretreated biomass in the presence of enzymes. READ MORE

February 18, 2016

Alliance BioEnergy: CTS pilot plant producing cellulosic sugar

BY Alliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsAlliance BioEnergy Plus Inc. has announced the CTS pilot plant, located at the its subsidiary Ek Laboratories, is now running the complete conversion process from raw feedstock through fermentation of cellulosic sugars. READ MORE

February 18, 2016

Clariant: Cellulosic ethanol now used in cleaning agents

BY Clariant Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsClariant, in cooperation with Werner & Mertz, has launched a project which expands the possible applications of its sunliquid cellulosic ethanol to detergents, cleansers and cleaning agents, including Frosch Bio-Spirit Multisurface-Cleaner. READ MORE

February 17, 2016

Comet Biorefining to build biomass sugar plant in Ontario

BY Comet Biorefining Inc. Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsComet Biorefining Inc. has announced the location of its commercial-scale biomass-derived sugar facility in the TransAlta Energy Park in Sarnia, Ontario. The 60 million pounds per year plant will come online in 2018. READ MORE

February 17, 2016

Method for bio-designing yeast could improve biofuel production

BY Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsAn assistant research specialist at the Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center has designed a new strain of yeast that could improve the efficiency of making fuel from cellulosic biomass such as switchgrass. READ MORE

February 17, 2016

Opinion: Supporting New Technology Worth the Effort

BY Matt Carr Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsSome companies have adapted to changing market conditions and changed their business model to create other products, oftentimes with higher value, READ MORE

February 16, 2016

In Depth: Ethanol to n-Butanol in the Land of 10,000 Lakes

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsConstruction retrofitting a Minnesota ethanol plant to produce renewable chemicals is well-underway. READ MORE

February 15, 2016

Chempolis, NRL cellulosic ethanol project in India moves forward

BY Chempolis Ltd. Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsA joint venture of Chempolis Ltd. and Numaligarh Refinery Ltd. that aims to build a biorefinery utilizing Chempolis’ formicobio technology is moving forward after getting approval from NRL’s board. READ MORE

February 12, 2016

Synthetic biopathway turns ag waste into ‘green’ products

BY University of Minnesota Found In:ChemicalsResearchers at the University of Minnesota have engineered a new synthetic biopathway that can more efficiently and cost-effectively turn agricultural waste into a variety of useful products ranging from spandex to chicken feed. READ MORE

February 12, 2016

Iowa State engineers develop technology to create renewable nylon

BY Iowa State University Found In:ChemicalsEngineers at Iowa State University have found a way to combine a genetically engineered strain of yeast and an electrocatalyst to efficiently convert sugar into a new type of nylon. READ MORE

February 12, 2016

DOE: $11.3 million available for flexible biomass fuel technology

BY U.S. Department of Energy Found In:Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe Energy Department recently announced up to $11.3 million in funding to develop flexible biomass-to-hydrocarbon biofuels conversion pathways that can be modified to produce advanced fuels and/or products based on external factors. READ MORE