Biomass Power

January 20, 2016

NDC Technologies delivers moisture measurement system to Zilkha

BY NDC Technologies Found In:Pellets, Power, ThermalNDC Technologies has delivered a comprehensive, in-process near-infrared (NIR) moisture monitoring system to one of the world’s largest producers of advanced black pellet fuel, Zilkha Biomass Energy. READ MORE

January 18, 2016

Hawaii Gas seeks proposals for the supply of biogas

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, BiogasHawaii Gas, the state’s regulated gas utility, has opened a request for proposals (RFP) to purchase raw biogas and/or renewable natural gas (RNG). The company is seeking proposals from local and national suppliers that can provide RNG. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

React Energy secures loan, announces technology provider

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PowerOn Jan. 8, U.K.-based React Energy plc announced it has secured a loan facility from EBIOSS Energy AD. The company will use the proceeds from the facility for the continued investment in its portfolio of U.K. biomass gasification projects. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

Nippon Paper, FSE Energy resolve biomass boiler dispute

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, ThermalNippon Paper Industries USA Co. Ltd. and FSE Energy have issued a joint statement announcing the resolution of a legal dispute over a biomass boiler installed at Nippon Paper’s mill in Port Angeles, Washington. READ MORE

January 14, 2016

BioHiTech America collaborates to convert food waste to energy

BY BioHiTech Global Inc. Found In:Power, Thermal, BiogasBioHiTech America has partnered with Natural Systems Utilities and others to test a process that will allow BioHiTech's Eco-Safe Digester to digest, tank, and deliver the effluent to anaerobic digestion (AD) facilities anywhere in the world. READ MORE

January 13, 2016

White paper highlights critical areas in pellet making process

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalOn Jan. 12, FutureMetrics released a white paper author John Swaan said could be called "wood pellet making 101." The paper highlights several critical areas in the process of making wood pellets. READ MORE

January 13, 2016

EIA updates short-term bioenergy, residential wood heat forecasts

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe U.S. Energy Information Administration has released the January edition of its Short-Term Energy Outlook, predicting total renewables used in the electric power sector will increase by 9.5 percent this year. READ MORE

January 12, 2016

Agenda for technical sessions announced for 2016 IBCE

BY BBI International Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsBBI International announced the agenda for the technical sessions of the 9th annual International Biomass Conference & Expo, North America’s largest and fastest growing biomass conference, taking place April 11-14 in Charlotte, North Carolina. READ MORE

January 12, 2016

Czech utility buys UK-based Lynemouth Power Station

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, PowerOn Jan. 8, RWE Supply and Trading announced it has sold the Lynemouth Power Ltd., the operator of the U.K.-based Lynemouth Power Station, to EP UK Investments Ltd. (EP UK), a subsidiary of Czech utility company Energeticky a prumyslovy holding (EPH). READ MORE

January 11, 2016

Entsorga West Virginia breaks ground on waste-to-fuel plant

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Power, ThermalOn Jan. 7, Entsorga West Virginia held a groundbreaking ceremony near Martinsburg for its first resource recovery facility utilizing mechanical biological treatment in the U.S. The process will convert waste into an EPA-recognized engineered fuel. READ MORE

January 11, 2016

Covanta to close two biomass power plants

BY Anna SimetFound In:PowerCovanta Energy Corp. has announced that it will soon close two of its seven U.S. wood-fired biomass power plants. The plants are located in West Enfield and Jonesboro, Maine. Each facility has a nameplate capacity of 24.5 MW. READ MORE

January 11, 2016

UK infrastructure provider announces new biogas service

BY Fulcrum Found In:Power, Thermal, BiogasUsing its extensive experience and expertise in the delivery of gas, electricity and water infrastructure across Britain, Fulcrum is entering the renewables sector to provide pipelines which connect biogas plants to the U.K. gas distribution network. READ MORE

January 08, 2016

California’s Biomass Debacle, Part 3

BY Anna SimetFound In:Power, ThermalCalifornia’s biomass industry is experiencing tough times, and we’ve been following it for quite some time. READ MORE

January 08, 2016

DOE study quantifies benefits of state RPS programs

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PowerResearchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory have released a study estimating value of emissions reductions associated with state renewable portfolio standard (RPS) policies. READ MORE

January 08, 2016

SCS Engineers awarded contract for landfill gas-to-energy system

BY SCS Engineers Found In:Power, BiogasSCS Engineers was hired by the Orlando Utilities Commission to expand its existing landfill gas (LFG) treatment and compression facility located at the Orange County Landfill. Expanding the LFG facility will double the nominal inlet flow capacity. READ MORE

January 07, 2016

Veolia acquires Boomeco assets

BY Veolia ES (UK) Ltd. Found In:Power, ThermalVeolia ES (UK) Ltd. has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the business and assets of Boomeco Ltd., a waste wood processor and producer of refuse derived fuel (RDF). Based in Bristol, the Boomeco site produces both wood chips and RDF. READ MORE

January 06, 2016

Bill aims for long-term extension of renewable energy tax credits

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsIn mid-December, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., who is seeking the democratic presidential nomination, introduced legislation that aims to enact long-term extensions of several clean energy tax credits that benefit the bioenergy and biofuel sectors. READ MORE

January 06, 2016

Onsite Energy Conference & Expo to be colocated with IBCE

BY BBI International Found In:Power, ThermalOnsite Energy Management magazine has announced the Onsite Energy Conference & Expo dates for 2016. The event, colocated with the International Biomass Conference & Expo, will take place April 11-13 in Charlotte, North Carolina. READ MORE

January 05, 2016

EU opens investigation on UK support for Drax unit conversion

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, PowerThe European Commission has opened an in-depth investigation to assess whether the U.K.'s plans to support the conversion of part of the Drax coal power plant to operate on biomass are in line with European Union state aid rules. READ MORE

January 04, 2016

WM sustainability report highlights waste-to-energy achievements

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, Advanced FuelsWaste Management recently published its 2015 Sustainability Report, highlighting progress made in meeting its 2020 sustainability goals. The report provides updated data to the company's full 2014 report titled "Creating a Circular Economy." READ MORE

December 31, 2015

Hawaii releases renewable energy progress report

BY Anna SimetFound In:PowerHawaii’s State Energy Office has released a report detailing the state's progress toward achieving its goal of 100 percent renewable energy by 2045. The law setting the ambitious standard was enacted in June. READ MORE

December 31, 2015

UK DECC: Bioenergy production increases in third quarter

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, PowerThe U.K. Department of Energy and Climate Change has released third quarter energy statistics, reporting total energy production increased by 11.9 percent when compared to the prior year. The share of renewables also increased. READ MORE

December 31, 2015

Oh The Wonders Of Science

BY Anna SimetFound In:PowerAnimal waste is often used as a biomass feedstock, so what about human waste? READ MORE

December 30, 2015

University of Northern Iowa releases study of biomass feedstocks

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe University of Northern Iowa's Tallgrass Prairie Center recently released a final report for its Prairie Power Project, which studied biomass production of four different native species seed mixes over three different soil types for five years. READ MORE

December 30, 2015

FAO publishes global pellet statistics for 2014

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations recently published updated data on the global wood products industry that shows wood pellet production set a new record in 2014, growing by approximately 17 percent. READ MORE

December 30, 2015

Opinion: Maintaining Profitability

BY Tim PortzFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels Energy markets have always been a low-margin game, but current conditions leave producers little margin for error. Thoughtful, well considered operations and maintenance strategies may well be the surest path to profitability. READ MORE

December 29, 2015

Paper, wood products manufacturers file biomass litigation on CPP

BY American Forest & Paper Association, American Wood Council Found In:PowerThe American Forest & Paper Association and the American Wood Council have filed a joint petition for review in the D.C. Circuit Court of the U.S. EPA's treatment of biomass energy in the final Clean Power Plan. READ MORE

December 29, 2015

Opinion: Biomass Power Uniting to Confront Market, Policy, Regulatory Shifts

BY Bob Cleaves Found In:PowerThe most effective way that the industry can maximize its relevancy and grow under the Clean Power Plan is for all involved to unite to weigh in on the important policy and regulatory discussions that are happening. READ MORE

December 29, 2015

In Depth: A Walk In Our Boots

BY Stacy Cook Found In:Power, ThermalA biomass cogeneration plant manager provides an overview of events that occur during a typical scheduled outage. READ MORE

December 28, 2015

USDA highlights 2015 bioeconomy achievements

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe USDA has released a list of its 2015 top achievements. The list includes several achievements that have benefited the biofuel and bioenergy sectors, including funding for ethanol fuel pumps and progress with the BioPreferred Program. READ MORE