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December 22, 2013

Opinion: Wood Stoves Compete on National Mall

BY John AckerlyFound In:ThermalAlliance for Green Heat Executive Director John Ackerly discusses outcomes of the Wood Stove Decathalon held in Washington, D.C., in November. READ MORE

December 20, 2013

Biomass-powered mini-grid project wins USAID funding

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, ThermalThe U.S. Agency for International Development recently awarded $1 million to Camco Clean Energy plc to support its Biomass Mini-Grids Project in Africa. The company will work with Vermont-based Village Industrial Power to complete the project. READ MORE

December 20, 2013

In Depth: Wireless Revolution

BY Anna SimetFound In:Power, ThermalCutting-edge wireless technologies continue to increase efficiency, simplify maintenance and optimize operations at biomass power plants. READ MORE

December 19, 2013

EIA publishes AEO2014 reference case

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsThe U.S. Energy Information Administration has published the early release of its Annual Energy Outlook 2014 (AEO2014), increasing its projections for biomass energy and other renewables. The analysis also predicts increased consumption of biofuels. READ MORE

December 19, 2013

Metso announces future Valmet will sharpen its focus on bioenergy

BY Metso Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsMetso announces Valmet's offerings will include boiler islands, small power plants based on bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) and BioGrate combustion technologies, and large heating plants based on BFB and pellet technologies. READ MORE

December 18, 2013

Sen. Baucus releases proposal to overhaul energy tax incentives

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsSenate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., has released a discussion draft of legislation that aims to overhaul U.S. energy tax incentives by creating technology-neutral incentives for clean electricity and clean transportation fuels. READ MORE

December 17, 2013

USDA, DOE give $8 million for energy crop research

BY Anna SimetFound In:Power, Thermal, Advanced FuelsSeven projects focused on biomass genomics research will receive a total of $8 million from the U.S. DOE and USDA to study energy crops including switchgrass, energy cane, sorghum and pine and populus trees. READ MORE

December 17, 2013

Sen. Cochran hopeful Farm Bill agreement can be reached soon

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsCongress has adjourned for the year, leaving the Farm Bill unfinished. Lawmakers are expected to take up the legislation in January, and Sen. Thad Cochran, R-Miss., ranking Republican on the Senate Agriculture Committee, said progress is being made. READ MORE

December 13, 2013

EU project focuses on HTC processing of wet biomass

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, ChemicalsA new European project, named "New technological applications for wet biomass waste stream products," or NEWAPP, focuses on the application of hydrothermal carbonization (HTC) processes to convert wet biomass into coal-like products. READ MORE

December 12, 2013

Cloning technology being utilized in biomass study

BY Chris HansonFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalResearchers at the University of Georgia are using cloning technology to develop faster-growing sweetgum trees that can be used for biomass energy generation or for pulp and paper production. READ MORE

December 11, 2013

GIB-funded project breaks ground in Northern Ireland

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, ThermalThe U.K.-based Green Investment Bank announced work began on Dec. 9 to construct a 15.8-megawatt biomass plant in Northern Ireland. The combined-heat-and-power plant is being developed by Evermore Renewable Energy on the Londonderry Port. READ MORE

December 10, 2013

EIA predicts increased use of wood biomass in 2014

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, ThermalThe U.S. Energy Information Administration has released the December issue of its Short-Term Energy Outlook, predicting that energy production from wood biomass and waste biomass will increase next year. READ MORE

December 09, 2013

Biogas cogeneration facility opens in Canada

BY Climate Change and Emissions Management Corp. Found In:Power, Thermal, BiogasThe Climate Change and Emissions Management Corp. recently joined Lethbridge Biogas LP at the opening of the largest anaerobic digester cogeneration facility in Canada. The $30 million facility currently has a generating capacity of 2.8 megawatts. READ MORE

December 09, 2013

IXUS Energy opens biomass training facility

BY IXUS Energy Found In:Pellets, ThermalIXUS Energy, a national biomass boiler distribution company, has opened a state-of-the-art training center to help meet demand for quality biomass installers, driven by the introduction of the domestic Renewable Heating Incentive. READ MORE

December 09, 2013

Stakeholders urge Congress to extend biofuel tax policies

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsTax provisions critical to the biofuel and biopower industries are set to expire at the end of the month, and industry stakeholders are urging Congress for extensions. READ MORE

December 05, 2013

FutureMetrics: Northeast pellet heat could spur 1.3 million jobs

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, ThermalAccording to a new paper from FutureMetrics Inc., if the 6 million rural Northeast U.S. homes utilizing oil or propane for heating converted to pellet fuel, the economic impact would be significant and include the creation of about 1.3 million jobs. READ MORE

November 29, 2013

Report highlights benefits of a comprehensive Farm Bill

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsA new government report highlights the economic importance of passing a comprehensive Farm Bill. It discusses many benefits of a strong Farm Bill, including those related to the bioeconomy and clean energy. READ MORE

November 26, 2013

Opinion: Widgets Make Our World Go 'Round

BY Tim PortzFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsBiomass Magazine Executive Editor Tim Portz discusses the significance of the individual components and equipment used all along the biomass supply chain. READ MORE

November 26, 2013

EPA appoints scientific integrity official

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe U.S. EPA has appointed Francesca Grifo as its new scientific integrity official. In her new role, Grifo will coordinate and carry out the agency's scientific integrity policy. She will also chair a standing EPA scientific integrity committee. READ MORE

November 22, 2013

Genera, University of Tennessee complete supply chain research

BY Genera Energy Inc. Found In:Power, Thermal, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsIn 2009, The U.S. Department of Energy awarded nearly $5 million to Genera Energy Inc. and the University of Tennessee to research and develop economical systems for bulk-handling and processing of chopped switchgrass. That project is now complete. READ MORE

November 22, 2013

DOE funding supports biomass projects on tribal land

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Power, ThermalThe U.S. Department of Energy recently awarded funding to support the development of two biomass thermal projects in the Midwest. The awards were made as part of a $7 million round of funding to nine tribal clean energy projects. READ MORE

November 19, 2013

Forest2Market begins campaign for wood pellet project developers

BY Forest2Market Found In:Pellets, Thermal Forest2Market kicked off a 24-part series to educate wood pellet project developers about the complexities of the U.S. wood supply chain. Topics will range from feed-in tariffs and certificates for difference to sustainable feedstock demonstration. READ MORE

November 19, 2013

Wood Stove Decathlon: panelists talk heating with pellets

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, ThermalAt the Wood Stove Decathalon in Washington, D.C., Nov. 16-19, a panel of experts discussed growth of residential pellet heating, some pros and cons, as well its current role in U.S. renewable energy generation. READ MORE

November 19, 2013

In Depth: Chipping Away at Innovation

BY Keith LoriaFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalBiomass equipment manufacturers are striving to provide top-of-the-line feedstock-sizing equipment. Inspired by customer feedback and demand, several companies made upgrades to their products this year. READ MORE

November 18, 2013

Wood Stove Decathalon underway in Washington, D.C.

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, ThermalThe Alliance for Green Heat's Wood Stove Decathalon is underway at the National Mall in Washington, D.C., an event during which twelve teams are competing for the title of the cleanest, most efficient and innovative wood stoves. READ MORE

November 13, 2013

Metso Power becomes Valmet, scores Croatia deal

BY Anna SimetFound In:Power, ThermalMetso's pulp, paper and power line is demerging from the company and in 2014 will once again be known as Valmet Corp., a name the business segment was known as prior to 2001. Valmet has announced is supplying a biomass cogeneration plant to Croatia. READ MORE

November 13, 2013

UNEP Emissions Gap Report finds potential in BioCCS

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalBiomass power is among the technologies addressed in the United Nations Environment Programme's Emissions Gap Report 2013. The report considers what actions are necessary in order to limit global temperature increases to less than 2 degrees Celsius. READ MORE

November 12, 2013

Biomass, biofuels projects awarded REAP funding through USDA

BY Holly JessenFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Advanced FuelsMore than $14 million in funding for 424 projects in 22 states, including several biomass- and biofuels-related projects, was recently awarded under the Rural Energy for America Program by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. READ MORE

November 12, 2013

Capital Dynamics acquires Australian biomass power plants

BY Capital Dynamics Found In:Power, ThermalCapital Dynamics, as the private asset manager for a leading U.K. pension fund, has acquired a 68-megawatt (MW) portfolio of two base-load biomass power plants located in northern New South Wales, Australia. READ MORE

November 12, 2013

We Energies biomass plant begins commercial operation

BY We Energies Found In:Power, ThermalWe Energies has announced that the biomass-fueled power plant on the site of Domtar Corp.'s Rothschild, Wis., paper mill was placed into commercial operation Friday, Nov. 8, after testing and commissioning activities were successfully completed. READ MORE