Covanta provides global waste-to-energy project updates

By Anna Simet | August 05, 2016

Covanta Energy Corp. reported a solid quarter with improvements in waste pricing and somewhat favorable trends in the waste, energy and metals markets compared to the previous quarter, and CEO Stephen Jones provided updates on some of the company’s developing and potential overseas waste-to-energy projects during Covanta’s July 27 financial earnings call.

Construction of Covanta’s 58-MW Dublin Waste-to-Energy Facility, located in Poolbeg, Dublin Port, is about 70 percent complete, according to Jones. “The design and procurement activities are substantially complete, and the boiler steel erection is nearing completion,” he said. Covanta intends to sign additional waste contracts in the coming months, and expects Covanta to have about 90 percent of the waste capacity of the plant contracted by the end of this year, Jones said. ”With rapidly shrinking landfill capacity, the waste market in Dublin is eagerly anticipating this facility coming online. We still expect to start processing waste in the first half of next year, and are on track for full commercial operations by the fourth quarter 2017.”

Covanta is also in early development stages of waste-to-energy project in Perth, Australia. Jones emphasized that nothing is final yet, and that Covanta is “focused on developing a project that meets our return and risk criteria. To that end, we're working on developing an EPC and technology delivery arrangement that will support construction of a world-class facility at a cost and on a timeframe that is consistent with our criteria. We're also exploring various opportunities for partnerships, waste supply and power offtake…there's still a fair amount of work to be done before we're ready to commit capital to this project.”

Covanta is also working with Veolia on what it has dubbed the Rookery project, a waste-to-energy plant that will be built north of London. The 50-MW Rookery South Energy Recovery Facility will be sited at a former brick clay extraction pit near Stewartby in Bedfordshire, and process about 480,000 metric tons of residual waste per year.

Jones added that there are other potential projects in the United Kingdom that Covanta is looking at and working through the process on.