Saica Group adds biomass boiler at French paper mill

By Erin Voegele | September 18, 2019

Spain-based Saica Group announced Sept. 12 it has inaugurated a biomass boiler at its paper mill in Venizel, France, that uses recycled wood and material rejected from the paper production process to generate process steam.

According to the company, the biomass plant will take in 75,000 metric tons of discarded wood and 26,000 metric tons of byproducts generated by the pulp and paper production process annually. These materials were previously discarded.

The €41 million ($45.23 million) project was supported by the French government. The biomass boiler is expected to reduce on-site carbon dioxide emissions by 71 percent, or 46,500 metric tons annually. Natural gas consumption at the paper mills is also expected to fall by 89 percent.

Additional information is available on the Saica Group website.