French officials visit Enginuity Energy

By Staff | August 22, 2012

Gasification technology designed by
Mechanicsburg, Pa.-based Enginuity Energy could be destined for France after two French agriculture officials toured the company’s headquarters and witnessed Enginuity Energy’s Ecoremedy technology convert poultry litter and other waste products into renewable power. The process features advanced conveyor systems, an automated touchscreen control interface and a four-stage gasification process. An Ecoremedy pilot plant has been in operation since 2008 at a Tyson Foods Georgia facility, where the gasification technology converts more than 500 tons of poultry litter into 110 pounds per square inch of process steam. Enginuity Energy has partnered with Cyclone Power Technologies to build a small-scale modular unit and is in talks to form partnerships in Australia, Northern Ireland, Maryland, West Virginia and regions in the U.S.