Enova Energy Group to build three pellet plants

By Enova Energy Group LLC | September 21, 2012

Enova Energy Group LLC a vertically integrated developer and asset owner of renewable energy projects, has announced that it will build three wood pellet projects in Georgia and South Carolina beginning in the first quarter of 2012.  Enova has created a subsidiary, Enova Wood Pellet Group LLC which has a dedicated management team solely focused on the wood pellet industry.

Enova will develop these plants to produce wood pellets to be used as a renewable fuel for export to the European Union under long term contracts with public and private utilities.  The facilities will each produce 450,000 metric tons each for a total 1.35 million metric tons by 2014 from the facilities to be exported out of Savannah, Ga.  Each project will create approximately 150 jobs during construction and an additional 70 jobs directly at each facility for a total job creation of over 450 jobs during construction and over 200 permanent jobs.  The wood pellet projects are expected to cost $330 million and Enova will meet 80 percent of this with debt. 

Zach Steele, CEO of Enova, believes, "As demand for biomass has grown in Europe, Enova is ideally situated to take advantage of the vast resources of sustainable forests being grown throughout the Piedmont Region of the southeastern U.S. to help Europe meet its demand to reduce its carbon footprint."

This is going to be Enova's first roll out of pellet plants.  However, Enova believes that this is the first of many announcements as they continue to expand their presence in this market and explore expansion plans to other southern states with additional sites already being secured to expand to an additional 2,000,000 metric tons of wood pellets throughout the Southeast United States.




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  1. Alan Wilson



    It appears Enova doesn't know about the new regulations being introduced in Europe - to ensure that minimum greenhouse gas savings from biomass are at least 35% rising to 50% in 2017 and 60% in 2018 for new installations compared to the current EU fossil energy products. i.e Unless Enova use the lowest energy equipment in the world, and then use wind powered shipping transport, their pellets will not meet this regulated criteria.

  2. Ben Easterlin



    Alan, Please call me and I will explain why that is inaccurate. Unlike most, we have extensive carbon calculations and have had them approved by third party agents that represent the utilities.

  3. Dean McCraw



    I would like to know where all this wood is coming from? Recent analysis, outside of the flawed FIA data, has shown that pine pulpwood is presently being overcut in many areas in GA and SC. This situation is only going to get worse going forward as SE tree planting has dropped to levels not seen since the 1960's. The SE can not sustainably support the number of pellet plants that have been proposed. The pulp/paper mills have strong pricing power for wood as in my 33 year in the woods I have seen them pay more than $50/green ton in today's dollars for pine pulpwood. What pellet mill can afford to pay these price?

  4. Ben Easterlin



    Growth over removals in the areas we are building plants are 3X. As you mentioned, pulp and paper is strong competing factor and therefore we focus on areas that are underutilized with sufficient contractable fiber for the life of the plant. This is the first step in determining site locations.


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