Technip awarded FEED contract for renewable diesel plant

By Erin Voegele | June 18, 2013

Paris-based Technip recently announced it was awarded a €5 million ($6.67 million) contract for the front-end engineering and design (FEED) of Foresty BtL Oy’s proposed biomass-to-liquid plant on Ajos Island, Finland. The facility will produce wood-based renewable diesel and naphtha.

According to information published by Technip, it will develop the process design package of the hydrogen production unit of the plant, based on its proprietary steam reformer technology. Technip will also prepare the FEED for the hydrogen production, Fischer-Tropsch processing and refining units.

Information published by Forest BtLs explains that its process technology includes biomass gasification that produces a raw gas is conditioned and refined into a clean synthesis gas. A Fischer-Tropsch reaction is used to form a biobased crude oil, which can be further refined into biobased fuels. According to the website, the quality of the resulting liquid fuel is the same regardless of the feedstock used.

Earlier this year, Forest BtL announced it had signed a license to the Axens’ Gasel technology suite in the proposed facility. The technology was originally co-developed by ENI and IFPEN and includes a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis section using state-of-the-art slurry-bubble-column reactor and proprietary Cobalt-based catalyst. It also includes an upgrading section enabling the transformation of Fischer-Tropsch paraffinic products into high quality distillates.

Earlier this year Biomass Magazine also reported that Forest BtL has signed an agreement with Linde Engeinnering Dresden GmbH to license its Carbo-V biomass gasification technology, a multi-stage gasification process. At that time, the company reported the proposed facility was expected to have a gasification capacity of approximately 480 MW and would covert approximately 1.5 million tons of woody biomass into 130,000 metric tons of renewable diesel and naphtha on an annual basis.