Pellets & Densified Biomass

June 09, 2014

Corn forum: Stover market emergence tipping forward

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe collection and handling of corn stover was the focus of a panel discussion at the Emerging Corn Production Technologies and Science Forum, an event collocated with the 2014 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo. READ MORE

June 06, 2014

Northeast Wood Products purchases Pennington Seed pellet mills

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalNortheast Wood Products LLC has acquired Pennington Seed Co.'s 65,000-metric-ton-per year pellet plant in Peebles, Ohio, along with assets from a facility in Virginia. The company is also in the process of acquiring a pellet plant in Indiana. READ MORE

June 06, 2014

UK wood pellet company invests in screening, handling equipment

BY Katie FletcherFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalMidland Bio Energy Ltd., a wood pellet company in Warwickshire, England, has invested GBP 20,000 ($27,319) in new handling and screening equipment to improve the quality of the pellets they deliver and efficiency of the operating systems. READ MORE

June 06, 2014

Trade mission to Peru to address biomass, biofuel opportunities

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe U.S. Department of Commerce's International Trade Administration is organizing a renewable energy and energy efficiency trade mission to Peru in November that will promote the export competitiveness of U.S. technologies. READ MORE

June 05, 2014

Massachusetts grants $3.5 million to renewable thermal industry

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, ThermalMassachusetts has dedicated $3.5 million to nine renewable thermal projects in the state through a new grant program, the Massachusetts Renewable Thermal Business Investment Financing Program. READ MORE

June 05, 2014

Report provides global overview of bioenergy, biofuel development

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsA new report published by Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) provides a global overview of advances in renewable energy development, including development related to bioenergy, ethanol and other types of biofuels. READ MORE

June 05, 2014

Genera Energy COO to speak at Fuel Ethanol Workshop

BY Genera Energy Inc. Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsKeith Brazzell, chief operating officer of Genera Energy Inc., is scheduled to speak at the Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo June 9-12 in Indianapolis. He will discuss the company's biomass feedstock supply solutions. READ MORE

June 05, 2014

Opinion: No Injuries Reported

BY Tim PortzFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsMaking energy products from biomass has inherent risks, and it is our obligation to the public to mitigate those risks as much as is humanly possible, especially as the industry continues to grow. READ MORE

June 04, 2014

Flemish decision on subsidies reportedly impacts pellet cofiring

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, PowerA recent report filed with the USDA Global Agricultural Information Network indicates the Flemish power sector may have stopped cofiring wood pellets due to a recent reinterpretation of Flemish law that restricts the approval of Green Certificates. READ MORE

June 04, 2014

Danish government: biomass, wind, contenders for renewable goals

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, ThermalThe Danish Energy Agency has released a report that concludes it is technically possible the country could become fossil fuel independent by 2050, as well as reach the government's goal of fossil fuel independent electricity and heating by 2035. READ MORE

June 04, 2014

In Depth: Standardizing Pellet Safety

BY Anna SimetFound In:PelletsCountries around the globe are combining efforts to develop robust safety standards for pelletized biofuels. READ MORE

June 04, 2014

Opinion: Safety Essential to Global Biomass Use

BY Nicole Forsberg Found In:Pellets, Power, ThermalSafety should be considered a core value, not a priority or a separate bullet point, that top management strives to combine with productivity, quality or even profitability. READ MORE

June 03, 2014

Opinion: Response to Tragedy Can Make or Break a Business

BY Cam McAlpine Found In:Pellets, Power, ThermalOrganizations with well-thought-out communications strategies fare better in the face of crises. READ MORE

June 03, 2014

Texas A&M study: Bioenergy sorghum could help with GHG emissions

BY Texas A&M AgriLife Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsBioenergy sorghum may offer more than another energy supply; it may offer a "sink" for greenhouse gases, according to a Texas A&M AgriLife Research study funded by the AgriLife Research Cropping Systems bioenergy program and a USDA grant. READ MORE

May 30, 2014

Viridis Energy 'well positioned for breakout year'

BY Anna SimetFound In:PelletsCanadian wood pellet manufacturer Viridis Energy Inc. released its Q1 financial results, reporting that despite a six-week trucking strike and extreme weather, the company increased revenue by 143 percent from Q1 2013. READ MORE

May 29, 2014

Senators advocate for EPA biogenic carbon emissions framework

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, BiogasA group of 12 Senators recently sent a letter to U.S. EPA Administrator Gina MCarthy, asking her to address the regulatory uncertainty over biogenic carbon emissions. READ MORE

May 29, 2014

Scottish whisky distilleries add biomass boilers with GIB funding

BY U.K. Green Investment Bank Found In:Pellets, ThermalThe U.K. Green Investment Bank recently announced funding for a pipeline of energy efficiency projects at a number of Scottish distilleries, including the installation of biomass boiler systems. READ MORE

May 28, 2014

Garb grabs pellet gear in asset purchase agreement

BY Chris HansonFound In:Pellets, PowerFlorida-based Garb Oil & Power Corp. has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire process equipment for pellet production and a 40,000 square foot warehouse. The agreement is expected to close later this year. READ MORE

May 28, 2014

U.S. Navy supports ASU's development of algae-based biofuels

BY Arizona State University Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced FuelsDennis McGinn, U.S. Navy assistant secretary for energy, installations and environment, recently visited Arizona State University, where he spoke about the parallels between the Navy's energy challenges and those of civilian cities and industries. READ MORE

May 23, 2014

EIA: U.S. wood pellets doubled in 2013 due to European demand

BY U.S. Energy Information Administration Found In:PelletsWood pellet exports from the United States nearly doubled last year, from 1.6 million short tons (approximately 22 trillion Btu) in 2012 to 3.2 million short tons in 2013. More than 98 percent of these exports were delivered to Europe. READ MORE

May 23, 2014

Strauss: Pellets to be solution for inevitable US carbon policy

BY Sue Retka SchillFound In:Pellets, PowerThe U.S. is likely to follow the E.U.'s lead in increasing use of renewables for power generation to lower carbon footprint. Sustainably managed wood pellets are solution to reliable baseload generation. READ MORE

May 22, 2014

USDA to offer BCAP funding

BY USDA Found In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe USDA has announced support for agriculture producers and energy facilities working to turn renewable biomass materials into clean energy. The support comes through the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, which was reauthorized by the 2014 Farm Bill. READ MORE

May 22, 2014

Sen. King pushes Biomass Thermal Utilization Act

BY Sen. Angus King's office Found In:Pellets, ThermalSen. Angus King, I-Maine, renewed his push to promote the economic and environmental benefits of biomass thermal energy on May 15 by filing the Biomass Thermal Utilization Act of 2013 as an amendment to legislation pending before the Senate. READ MORE

May 21, 2014

Drax plans another Mississippi pellet plant

BY Anna SimetFound In:PelletsA unit Drax Group that is currently constructing a 450,000-ton wood pellet production facility near Gloster, Miss., is planning to build an additional facility roughly 40 miles away in Magnolia, Miss., according to documents filed with the state. READ MORE

May 21, 2014

Webinar focuses on air emissions from pelletizing wood

BY Sue Retka SchillFound In:PelletsTackling emissions at pellet plants was the topic of the latest offering in Biomass Magazine's webinar series. Dryers produce the most emissions, but producers must consider VOC development from hammermills and post-dryer operations as well. READ MORE

May 21, 2014

RusForest releases 2013 results, provides update of Russian plant

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:PelletsRusForest AB, a Swedish forestry company with operations in Russia, recently announced the results of its 2013 annual report. The company began operations of a 100,000 ton-per-year pellet mill in Arkhangelsk, Russia, earlier this year. READ MORE

May 20, 2014

Draft appropriations bill aims to cut funding for BCAP, REAP

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe House Appropriations Committee has released its fiscal year 2015 agricultural appropriations bill, which aims to reduce funding levels for several Farm Bill Energy Title programs. A subcommittee markup session on the legislation was held May 20. READ MORE

May 20, 2014

Sweden, Minnesota seminar highlights bioenergy

BY Anna SimetFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsSweden and Minnesota are moving full speed ahead on a partnership that is serving to address complex and challenging issues concerning sustainable energy and transportation. A May 19 seminar brought stakeholders together to discuss the initiative. READ MORE

May 19, 2014

BPA, BIO comment on EPA's treatment of biogenic emissions in rule

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, PowerThe Biomass Power Association and Biotechnology Industry Organization are among the more than 1.24 million groups and individuals that provided public comments on a proposed U.S. EPA rule that would regulated carbon emissions at certain power plants. READ MORE

May 16, 2014

IRENA: Renewables employ 6.5 million globally

BY Erin VoegeleFound In:Pellets, Power, Thermal, Biogas, Advanced Fuels, ChemicalsThe International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has published a study that determined 6.5 million people were employed by the renewable energy globally last year. The report highlights the role that renewables play in the global economy. READ MORE